Metapix Virtual Nail Try-On- Elevate Your Brand Experience

Deliver a memorable customer experience with realistic simulations of nail polish

Key characteristics of Augmented Reality in Virtual Nail Try-Ons

Precision scans of the hands to fit virtual nails

user experience

Allows customers to experiment with different nail shapes

The functions of Virtual Nail Try On

Our tool allows your customers to augment the following Nail shapes & Coats

Explore the Metapix Virtual
Nail Try On

Realistic rendering of nail polish using
Augmented Reality
State of the art hand tracking
Realtime data allows brands to stay up
to date with latest trends.

Key Benefits

How our Virtual Nail Try ON Tool can improve your business?

AI assisted precision along the edge of the customers nails

Customers can try over a 100 variations in design, colour combinations and textures

Freedom in customization of different colours and shapes to appease customers

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