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Jewellery and watches are sought-after accessories, in today’s world. However, selecting the pair can be quite a challenge due to the range of options available. To simplify things many businesses now offer try-on services to their customers. In this blog, we will discuss the concept and application of Jewellery and watch try-ons and their significance within the beauty industry.

What is Jewellery Virtual Try On?

Virtual try-on refers to the utilization of technology that allows customers to visualize how a specific piece of jewellery or a watch would look on them without trying it on. This service is made possible through augmented reality (AR) integration, into websites and mobile applications. When a customer selects an item the AR software superimposes its image onto their face or body creating a representation of how it would appear in person.

Benefits of Jewellery Virtual Try-On

Jewellery Virtual try-on services offer advantages. Firstly, they provide customers with an interactive shopping experience where they can explore designs and styles without leaving their comfort zones. In addition, virtual try-on offers the advantage of avoiding returns of items since customers can preview the outcome before making a purchase. Moreover, it boosts customer satisfaction by instilling confidence, in their choices.

How Does Jewellery & Watch Virtual Try-On Work?

To utilize try-on services customers first need to visit the company’s website or download their app. Once logged in they can scan the part of their body in which it relates to the Jewellery or watch e.g., their wrist if they want to try on different bracelets or watches. From there they can activate the try-on feature. Using algorithms, the augmented reality software adjusts the size and position of the selected item based on the customer’s body part measurements. Finally, customers can rotate the item to view it from angles and decide whether they want to proceed with their purchase.

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