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SnapArt Clarification Message to Latest Google Notification

We have been informed that some of our Android users are receiving Google Play Store notifications not to install SnapArt.

We encourage you to ignore the Google Play Store message and continue to install and enjoy SnapArt . Our app is secure and used safely by millions of people around the world. Please check our Privacy Policy to learn more about our Privacy and Security features.

Here are some important facts about SnapArt :

  • SnapArt has NO access to user SMS messages, meaning SnapArt does NOT read or track user messages
  • SnapArt has access to less user data than other leading instant photo editing applications, such as PhotoLab or PicsArt
  • Going forward, we will be launching a number of new features to enhance your experience on our app, including SnapArt Dripart Effects, Neon Art Effects and many more!