Create Photorealistic eCommerce Images Using Virtual Product Photography

Increase store engagement through product listings with interactive images designed in our virtual product photography studio.

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3 Steps to follow for Face Swap

Select Photo

Choose an image from our collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, Korean actors/actresses, or divine gods/goddesses.

Upload Your Image

Upload a clear photo of the face you want to swap onto the selected image.

Share Your Imagination

Share your face-swapped creation on social media or download it for personal use.

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No Photoshoot Required - Lower Your eCommerce Expenses Now

Do away with expensive, tedious photoshoots and embrace modern, swift, cost-effective virtual photography. From today, you don't have to worry about the rigors of recruiting the staging, lighting, logistics, and photography team. The Metapix app configures your product images into relatable visual presentations from dozens of angles. You can produce these images on demand and adjust them in real-time without hiring an external team. Since you want to enter the market faster, doing away with the logistics of physical photoshoots is a set in that direction. Be in control of how customers engage with your store to give them everything that would influence their purchase decision.

Increase Conversion - Show Customers the Real Product

Take advantage of ecommerce product photography to triple your store conversion rate cost-effectively. Lower your abandoned carts by assuring customers what they see is what they get. Our virtual photography scales the product image without compromising qualities like color, texture, and shape. Therefore, it reduces returns as customers interact with the product better than traditional photography. Giving customers the power to add features to the visual may increase order value too. It allows them to explore your store for other items that can match or complement the main product they want to buy.

Use Metapix face swap app tool to become a Hollywood celebrity
Metapix's FREE Face Swap AI photo editor

Intuitive Configuration - Engaging and Fun Image Customization

We make virtual product photography fun and effortless. You have more control over the results than when you hire an external team. If you're in an industry that requires more than the average eight images per product listing, you can make as many images as needed. Our app is navigable with little to no technical knowledge. Through virtual product design, you can get your visual assets now to accelerate the marketing effort ahead of production work. You own the assets and can add more images to your product portfolio once it hits the shelves.

Transform your eStore - Use virtual photography to differentiate your store

Our product photography setup liberates you from the limits of traditional photography. The virtual imagery transforms your eStore to reflect your creativity as a brand and your desire to let customers explore product listings despite the constraints of online shopping. These photorealistic presentations are reusable, another reason this cost-effective technology suits eCommerce stores using different marketing platforms. They make the store come alive as customers interact and inspect your virtual content as they would in a brick-and-mortar store. Investing in photorealistic imagery enhances your credibility as a seller and builds trust in your offer and store.

Metapix’s powerful Face Swap Photo Editor tool.

About Virtual Product Shoot

Our product photography virtual studio brings your images to life by visualizing different camera angles that a customer wants to see in an eCommerce store. The virtually-generated images are indistinguishable from the product, meaning customers see the actual presentation. They bring the product description alive, showcasing the textures, colors, shapes, and other qualities. Our eCommerce product photography is fast, intuitive, and cost-effective. You can automate some angles for a swift image generation process across items in the same category. It saves time, allowing you to configure product images faster than traditional photography and editing.

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How to Make a Virtual Product Design

  • Install the Metapix App: Install this app to use our product photography setup. It's a simple, fast process.
  • Upload a Product Image: Use a reference image for the virtual product design process.
  • Create Virtual Photography: The app creates virtual images from different angles. You can set various image qualities like texture and color with a few configurations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Using superior product photography can drive sales to your eCommerce store. The engagement improves, and customers make informed decisions because they visualize product features better.

Install the Metapix app to create virtual, impressive product images. The virtual design eliminates the expenses required to hire a photography team and affords you product images you can use across marketing platforms.

You need to download and install the Metapix product photography virtual studio. Upload a reference photo or file for the product image to design, and let the app configure the rest for you. It’s a simple process that takes less time than a traditional product photoshoot.

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This app is user-friendly and intuitive and it has so many better options to satisfy most photo editing needs. Overall it worth using metapix. Good work

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This app is really amazing. You can edit your pictures according to your preferences. They have verities of filters listed which are really good.

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